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natural ingredients. custom color. extra luxe.



Experience the LUXE Rapid Glow – designed for our busy clients seeking the convenience of skipping the 8-hour wait before showering, unlike our other solution formulas.


This quick-dry solution, with a flattering violet undertone, ensures you stay dry and comfortable, allowing you to dress almost immediately. The violet tones complement various skin tones, delivering a deep brown tan – making it our most sought-after tan!


Tailor your tan depth by showering in as little as two hours for a light tan or 5 hours for an extra dark tan. You have control over your desired color intensity based on your chosen shower time.


Rest assured, our solutions are Vegan, Paraben-free, Erythrulose-free, and fragrance-free – providing a luxurious and worry-free tanning experience.



Getting married? Bachelorette party coming up? Let's get you & your bride squad glowing! Bride's tan is complimentary with groups of 5 or more!


In studio or on location available.

-complimentary travel within

20 miles of our studio.

Travel Fee applied for further destinations. 

Prepayment required.

Please inquire for group rates & mobile tanning.


Ideal for late afternoon or evening appointments, our option allows you to head home, go to bed, and let the results set while you sleep!


Our original glow solution, boasting an aloe vera base with olive undertones, ensures a stunning golden glow while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.


Suitable for all skin types, this spray tan is a perfect choice. For optimal results, leave the solution on your skin for 8-10 hours before showering.


Rest easy knowing our solutions are Vegan, Paraben-free, Erythrulose-free, and fragrance-free, providing you with a wholesome tanning experience.




-Shave & Exfoliate- On the day prior to tanning shave all areas of your body that you normally shave. Exfoliate your entire body. Shaving a day prior allows the pores to close after shaving. If you wax, do this also one day prior to your airbrush tan.


-Do not apply any lotion or deodorants after showering before your tan. It can create a barrier on your skin, and will not allow the product to fully absorb. 


-Clothing-  It is best to wear dark, loose fitting clothing after your tanning session. You can wear whatever you want during your tanning session. Depending on your preferences, some guests choose to go topless or completely nude- it’s up to you.  If you choose to wear anything during your tan,  is best to wear dark underwear or a black bikini. 


While the tanning solution washes out of clothing, unique fabrics could possibly be stained. To be on the safe side, dark clothing is best during and after the tanning session.


-In the hours immediately after your tanning session, it is best not to sweat and to avoid anything that can cause your tan to streak. Do not apply lotions, deodorant, or perfumes until after your first shower. 



-You will need to leave the tanning solution on your body for at least 6 hours after your tanning session. You can shower after 6 hours but 8-10 hours is ideal. 2-4 hours for rapid tans.


-After your shower, and throughout the days following your tan,  apply a generous amount of lotion all over your body to prolong the life of your tan.  


-Avoid chlorine swimming pools and hot tubs during the life of your tan, as they will strip the products from your skin faster. 

-Be sure to apply SPF! Although you will look tan, your skin can still burn. The airbrush solution does not provide sun protection. 


-We carry products that will extend and nourish your tan, to keep it looking perfect! Tan extender is highly recommended for spray tans that are going on vacation.

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