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Lash Tint 

Great for those with lighter color lashes – or anyone looking for a thicker “mascara” look (without having to wear mascara). A lash tint will make your lashes appear darker, thicker, and longer.


Lash Lift + Tint

The Lift & Tint combo service – a transformative experience that combines the shaping power of a lash lift, the allure of tinting, and a volumizing, nourishing formula for unmatched fullness and added body. This dynamic treatment expertly shapes and turns your lashes upwards, providing length, height, and volume. The result is the appearance of longer, darker, and thicker lashes, accentuating your eyes with a natural and striking allure. Elevate your lash game with this service, delivering a captivating, wide-eyed look that lasts.


Lash Lift

Provides a long -lasting curl to naturally straight lashes. Throw away your eyelash curler! A lash lift opens up your eyes and is great for those with already thick full lashes who want some added pop.


Brow Lamination

Elevate your brow game with our Brow Lamination service – a keratin-infused treatment designed to masterfully tame and shape unruly brows. This transformative experience not only imparts strength to each brow hair but also enhances thickness, volume, texture, and color. Whether you prefer a cleaner, fuller appearance or desire more voluminous brows, our Brow Lamination service delivers tailored results. Indulge in the comprehensive experience that includes meticulous brow waxing and shaping, ensuring a polished and well-defined final look.


Brow Lamination, Tint + Shape

Experience the ultimate brow transformation with our Lamination + Tint combo service – a dynamic duo that will leave you with brows that truly wow. This specialized treatment combines the precision of brow lamination with the enhancement of tinting, resulting in defined and well-groomed brows.


Brow Tint + Wax 

Define your brows effortlessly with shaping and waxing, enhanced by the addition of tint. This combination not only shapes but also adds color, offering a polished look without the need for daily brow makeup application.


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