We all know that these are uncertain times. The risks of COVID-19 are not well understood and there is controversy among the experts on how the virus can spread and difficultly in scientifically determining whether anyone has the virus at any moment in time.


In consideration for providing beauty services at Bella Glow Beauty Studio, by signing below you agree to accept all responsibility for the risk that you may contract COVID-19. While we are taking your safety and that of our staff very serious, by employing new safety and sanitation initiatives, we cannot guarantee that any of these measures will completely protect you from contracting COVID-19.


I agree that if I take any steps to make a claim for damages against Bella Glow Beauty Studio, its agents, or any other released parties arising out of my receipt of beauty services during my visit to Bella Glow Beauty Studio’s facilities, I shall be obligated to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred as a result of such claim.


I acknowledge that I can go elsewhere to have my beauty services done, and I acknowledge that Bella Glow Beauty Studio is not the only salon where I can receive my beauty services.


By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am free to go to other salons who may not require my agreement to accept responsibility for contracting COVID-19 and I chose to have beauty services done.

I agree that I have not had any of the following symptoms and non of the below circumstances apply to me:

  • I have not had a cough or fever, or related symptoms within the last 14 days

  • I have not been around anyone else with those symptoms

  • I do not live with anyone who has been sick or quarantined

  • I have not traveled outside of California in the past 14 days 

I have read the additional guest protocol page and agree to it's terms. I understand that my service will not be done without submitting this waiver.

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